From Our Members – Week of Oct.11-17, 2013

Features and media appearances by some of KCFCC’s members:

Dan Lybarger interviews Alexandre Moors for The Pitch about his new film, Blue Caprice.

Russ Simmons, Loey Lockerby & Michael A. Smith were on Central Standard Friday on KCUR-FM, offering reviews and an interview with Susan Ruiz, whose father, Harold Finch, is the subject of the fictionalized local film Unlimited.

Eric Melin, Trevan McGee & Trey Hock offer reviews of Captain Phillips, Blue Caprice & Gravity on the Scene-Stealers podcast.

Marie Asner reviewed four entries from the Kansas International Film Festival for Phantom Tollbooth – Sal, Four Days in Chicago, Madship & Conducting Hope.

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