Our organization was founded by Dr. James Loutzenhiser in 1966 as the Kansas City Film Circle Awards, and is the second oldest professional film critics’ association in the United States, after the New York Film Critics Circle.  As of July, 2014, the KCFCC had 26 active members representing print, radio, television and online media outlets.

After Dr. Loutzenhiser’s death in 2001, the membership voted unanimously to rename its annual awards in his honor.  In 2005, a new award was established in memory of longtime KCFCC member Vince Koehler, honoring outstanding science fiction, fantasy and horror films.  In 2006, the group voted to honor Kansas City native Robert Altman by renaming its Best Director award after him and organizing a film festival in April 2007.

The KCFCC meets formally twice a year.  The first meeting is held in mid-December and includes the awards vote; participation (either in person or by proxy) is mandatory for all members.  The second meeting is held in June, to induct new members and elect officers and the Governing Committee.

All KCFCC votes are open to all members, except those who have been suspended for rules and ethics violations. For the annual awards vote, members nominate up to three contenders in each category in advance, and a show-of-hands vote on all listed nominees (followed by any necessary run-offs) determines the winners. Any film that either opened in Kansas City, screened for critics or was provided to critics via streaming or DVD screeners in the calendar year prior to the vote is eligible for consideration.

Governing Committee meetings and informal gatherings of all KCFCC members are held at various times throughout the year, at the discretion of the officers.

5 thoughts on “History

  1. I’m at a crossroads in my life. I’m 31 and I feel I have achieved very little that I sought out to almost 12 years ago. The one thng that keeps popping up in my mind every morning as I lie awake contemplating what I want to do to make it all different is my love for writing and film. How do I get into film critique ? I know higher education is a likely response but I would love to talk to someone who is doing that. My name is christopher Moult. I live in Blue Springs. I’m on facebook . Or I can be reached at (816) 228-5938.

    • The best way to start is to find a website that will publish submitted film reviews. I’ve written for efilmcritic.com when I was between outlets, and they’re very accommodating. You can also start a blog, and just start writing. Sharing your work on Facebook helps a lot. There’s very little money in the profession, but you can start the process of building a name for yourself. You’re very young, there’s plenty of time!

      Loey Lockerby
      KCFCC President

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  3. I notice that normally imdb list only the winners from your organization, but that this year they have listed nominations in each category. I am wondering if this mirrors a change in policy by your organization, or whether it is merely idiosyncratic on behalf of imdb.

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